Aug 14, 2009

'Kallar Vettu' Function

This event is to remember the god 'Sri Karkuvel ayyanar' destroys the devils & thieves. This event will be happen every year in 'karthikai'( tamil month ) last day. In english calendar it will be in between november to december.

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  1. This year the Kallar vettu function is being held today,wednesday,the 16th December, Tamil,Margazhi first day,thus deviating from the tradition.All the devotees have congregated on 15 itself but have to wait for one more day.The reason told by the Management is that the month of Karthigai this year has 29 days and therefore the 30 day pooja ends on today.The 30 day pooja ought to have commenced one day earlier or the 30 day pooja should have been cnoverted to 29 day pooja this year.The Kallar vettu function ought to have been held on the last day of the month of karthigai as per the long established tradition.We file here our objections for the deviation of the tradions and propose to write to the authorities concerned to strictly abide by the traditions hereafter.
    K.Rahavan,M.Com.General secretary,
    Veerappa Nadar Kudieruppu uravinmurai sangam.(Regd.)